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Who are we?

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What we do?

  • Desktop & Laptop Repairs

    Desktop and laptop repairs performed onsite to your home or office. Pickup and drop off options are also available.

  • Remote Support

    Need help right now? Book one of our remote support sessions. Remote technical support can be performed to your home or office over the internet in real time!

  • Virus & Malware Removal

    Think you have a nasty virus? Do you have annoying pop-ups and advertising material? Ask us about our virus and malware removal services.

  • Web Design

    Need a website to promote your business or corporate event? Give Pesk-Net a call now and ask about our affordable website design plans.

  • Data Recovery

    Have you accidentally deleted important photos or documents? Hard drive crashed with all your important data? Give Pesk-Net a call and ask about our affordable data recovery options.

Who makes it possible?

Who pays for it?

Who pays for it?